iPlace has placed professionals in 14 countries on four continents.


iPlace has recruiting teams that work the local hours of our clients and candidates in each market that we serve.

  • North America

iPlace USA’s headquarters is in McLean, VA, USA, and the largest share of our clients are American and Canadian companies. Our sourcers and recruiters have broad exposure to American and Canadian culture, and they understand that to be successful we must ensure that our clients earn a healthy return on their investment through their partnership with iPlace.


  • Europe

iPlace’s European business office is in London, UK. Most of iPlace’s business in Europe comes through partners, who assist us in understanding employment laws and requirements, the best way to source talent, and cultural norms for interacting with candidates.


  • Australia

iPlace’s Australian business office is in Sydney, NSW, Australia. As with Europe, most of our Australian business comes through partners.


  • Asia

iPlace manages our business in Asia from our Global Recruiting Center in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


iPlace specializes in placing candidates into professional jobs.

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Creative
  • Sales


iPlace works in all industries.  Most of our sourcers and recruiters have specific industry training and experience.

  • High Tech  
  • Software  
  • Semiconductor and Electronics  
  • Gaming  
  • Transportation and Logistics  
  • Automotive  
  • Aerospace  
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies  
  • Defense and Homeland Security  
  • Banking and Insurance  
  • Real Estate 
  • Oil and Gas  
  • Construction and Engineering  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Power Generation  
  • Electric, Gas, and Water Distribution  
  • Telecom and Communications  
  • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Discovery  
  • Medical Instruments  
  • Hospitals  
  • Education  
  • Media and Advertising 

Your trusted business advisor for all recruiting needs!

iPlace is the largest and fastest growing provider of professionally managed recruiting services. We serve clients globally and across industries, which includes large staffing firms and corporations.

We enable our clients with:

  • Augmenting or scaling the onshore recruitment team.
  • Lower cost recruiting for organizations.
  • Build pipeline candidates and database for recurring positions and future openings.
  • Provide quality rather than quantity.

To know more about our managed recruiting services, and explore how we can add value to your business, drop your details here and we will get in touch right away.