The right solution to achieve your hiring goals.

iPlace’s clients augment their in-house sourcing and recruiting operations using iPlace’s recruiting factory. Some clients outsource their entire sourcing and recruiting operation to iPlace. Our clients are responsible for providing job orders and account management (working with candidates and hiring managers) after the candidates are submitted by iPlace.


Delivering the candidates that get your recruiters more placements.

iPlace’s sourcers scour the Internet for active and passive candidates who are precise fits for your job orders, build and update resume databases, identify sales leads, and conduct customized research. 



High-quality and cost-effective scaling of your recruiting operations.

iPlace’s recruiters interview, qualify, and negotiate compensation for permanent employees and contractors.  We work with direct clients, through MSPs on VMS accounts, and on large hiring projects. 


Our sourcers and recruiters leverage the capabilities of our Recruiting Factory to deliver the best candidates.

Your trusted business advisor for all recruiting needs!

iPlace is the largest and fastest growing provider of professionally managed recruiting services. We serve clients globally and across industries, which includes large staffing firms and corporations.

We enable our clients with:

  • Augmenting or scaling the onshore recruitment team.
  • Lower cost recruiting for organizations.
  • Build pipeline candidates and database for recurring positions and future openings.
  • Provide quality rather than quantity.

To know more about our managed recruiting services, and explore how we can add value to your business, drop your details here and we will get in touch right away.