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Direct Hire and Contract Jobs

iPlace’s recruiters have international (North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia) recruiting experience. Individual recruiters are dedicated to specific clients, and they follow a client-directed recruiting process. Recruiters can work on both direct hire and contract job orders. They perform end-to-end recruiting tasks and present candidates who are ready to be sent to hiring managers without additional qualification.

Typical recruiting tasks include sourcing candidates from job boards and other candidate sourcing tools, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting reference checks. iPlace recruiters work during each client’s local daytime hours so that they interact with candidates in real time.

Vendor Management System Support

iPlace has vast experience providing end-to-end Vendor Management System (VMS) recruiting where submittals go through a portal to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). In most cases our clients give iPlace direct access to the VMS portal for receiving job orders and making candidate submittals, and we eliminate almost all their high-cost local labor from the VMS process. We work with our clients to create a strategy for each VMS program where our goal is to maximize both the MSP scorecard grade and gross margins.


All VMS programs are different. Through back testing VMS submittal data, we have found that the key to success for most VMS programs is to implement a recruiting process based on one of four dominant strategies: speed, quality, bill rate, or relationship. The recruiting process we implement for a specific VMS program is based on the dominant strategy for that program. iPlace’s VMS recruiters are trained on how to reach a lot of candidates fast, conduct skill-matching interviews to maximize VMS submittals, and secure low pay rates through an aggressive negotiation.

Large Hiring Projects

iPlace can rapidly establish and deploy teams of recruiters for large hiring projects. We follow a work process for each project that is dictated by our client. In most cases, the objectives are to quickly identify and submit quality candidates and to maximize job order coverage. The recruiters can be utilized short-term until the project is completed, or our client can retain the recruiters after the project is completed.

Your trusted business advisor for all recruiting needs!

iPlace is the largest and fastest growing provider of professionally managed recruiting services. We serve clients globally and across industries, which includes large staffing firms and corporations.

We enable our clients with:

  • Augmenting or scaling the onshore recruitment team.
  • Lower cost recruiting for organizations.
  • Build pipeline candidates and database for recurring positions and future openings.
  • Provide quality rather than quantity.

To know more about our managed recruiting services, and explore how we can add value to your business, drop your details here and we will get in touch right away.